Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee 15th November 2016

The next meeting of the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee will be considering a varied agenda covering a variety of topics. Items being considered at the meeting on the 15th November 2016 include:

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Update:

At this meeting, the Committee will be informed on the progress which has been made in relation to the implementation of the Warwickshire MASH. Members will be keen to discover what the next steps in the development the MASH are and how the facility will improve timescales and ensure robust communication across all referrers and other agencies regarding the outcome of referrals.

Priority Families Programme – Update:

The Committee will consider the above report which will provide members with important information around the potential issues of extending the Priority Families Programme from March 2018 to March 2020 and the efforts to integrate the Programme within the overall context of the Journey of the Child and the business of the Children and Families Unit.

Revised School Improvement Strategy:

This report will serve to update members on Warwickshire’s Revised School Improvement Strategy which takes account of recent and pending Government legislation in relation to the statutory responsibilities of the local authority in relation to ensuring high quality educational provision and the expectation for all schools to become academies by 2020.

The Committee will also be considering the One Organisational Plan Quarter 2 Progress Report: April-September 2016 which will provide members with  specific information which falls under the remit of the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee and draws on financial and performance information extracted from the Cabinet report.

The meeting starts at 10.00 on Tuesday 15th November 2016 in Committee Room 2, Shire Hall, Warwick and is open to the public (click here for the agenda and reports). If you have a question that you wish to ask at the meeting, please contact Ben Patel-Sadler at least 3 working days before the meeting. Otherwise, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the meeting and ensure that the Chair is aware of the matter on which you wish to speak.

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