Resources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 13 September 2017

The next meeting of the Resources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee is being held at 2pm on Wednesday 13 September 2017 (Shire Hall)

The Agenda and Papers have now been published and can be accessed via this link

The reports being presented to the committee include-

  1. Performance Report for Year end (16/17 and Quarter One (17/18)
  2. Fire Service – Her Majesty’s Inspectorate and wider reform programme
  3. Property Rationalisation Programme
  4. Progress on the Digital First Programme

Members of the Public are welcome to attend this meeting.  If you have any questions or queries please contact Helen Barnsley (Democratic Services Officer) via email


Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee 22nd September 2015

The next meeting of the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee will focus on a shorter agenda, looking in greater detail at the following topics:

Update on the Development of the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) in Warwickshire

The Committee will be considering a written report which will outline the progress made around the development of the Warwickshire MASH. The report outlines the importance of effective partnership working around the safeguarding of adults and children in Warwickshire and also details how the development of the MASH is being managed.

One Organisational Plan Quarter 1 (Year 2) Progress Report

Members will receive a written report which will focus on how the following services and areas are performing in relation to the OOP:

• Strategic Commissioning
• Education & Learning
• Children’s Social Care & Safeguarding
• Early Help & Targeted Support

Members will be considering the contents of the report and will be asking questions in relation to its content and making recommendations as considered appropriate.

The meeting starts at 10.00 on Tuesday 22nd September 2015 in Committee Room 2, Shire Hall, Warwick and is open to the public (click here for the agenda and reports). If you have a question that you wish to ask at the meeting, please contact Ben Patel-Sadler at least 3 working days before the meeting. Otherwise, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the meeting and ensure that the Chair is aware of the matter on which you wish to speak.

Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 14th July 2015

The County Council has four overview and scrutiny committees (OSC) which review and scrutinise the provision of public services in Warwickshire. Three of the four committees will meet during next week. The first of these is the Communities OSC, which will meet at Shire Hall in Warwick at 2pm on 14th July. This Committee has a broad remit covering Fire & Rescue, Community Safety, Trading Standards, Transport and Highways, Economic Development and Environment, Adult Learning, Libraries, Heritage, and Tourism.

The Committee will discuss proposed review topics for the year ahead, both for items at the Committee and focussed review work through ‘task and finish’ groups. The agenda includes an update on Safer Routes to Schools. Last year, a task and finish group made recommendations, which were approved by the Cabinet on criteria for funding safety schemes both on the routes to schools and in the immediate vicinity of the schools. This report will also show the impact of speed activated safety signage on motorists, with the outcome of trials at Burton Green. 

The Committee will review the One Organisational Plan End of Year Performance Report and receive its regular update on the work of the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership. Further details for the meeting can be obtained by clicking this Link.

Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 20th January 2015

A varied agenda has been compiled for the next meeting of Warwickshire’s Communities OSC. Here are the key items:

Consultation Plan for Voluntary Sector Support

In November, members were advised of the consultation taking place on a savings proposal for changes in funding to the voluntary and community sector. This consultation closes on 12th February and it was requested that an update of feedback received be provided to this meeting.

Pride in Camp Hill
The Committee will review the success of this initiative, what has been achieved, performance levels, a summary of current activity and plans for the future.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Flood Risk

Warwickshire County Council is a lead local flood authority, responsible for managing flood risks from surface water, ground water and ordinary watercourses. It has a duty to develop, monitor and apply a local flood risk management strategy. Following a decision taken by the Portfolio Holder for Community Safety in December, the Committee will receive a report and presentation on this Strategy and the current consultation taking place on it.

The WCC Skills for Employment Programme

An update on the Skills for Employment Programme. This follows a significant consultation, with the aim of ensuring that the County Council’s funding is adding value and supporting our aim to ensure that residents are gaining the skills needed and demanded by our local business community.

One Organisational Plan: Quarterly Progress Report 2014/15

The latest quarterly performance monitoring report will be circulated. It will be accompanied by a presentation comparing the performance data for the second and third quarters of 2014/15.

Members will also have the chance to put questions to Cabinet members on areas under the Committee’s remit and receive the bi-monthly update on the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Scheme.

Chief Constable Confirmation Hearing

On Friday 19 December, the Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel has the important task of considering the proposed candidate for the position of Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police.

After a rigorous recruitment process, the Police and Crime Commissioner has recommended a candidate to the position, which has to be approved by the Panel, at what is known as a ‘Confirmation Hearing’. This is a statutory duty for the Panel to fulfil and members will be looking for the candidate to demonstrate how they meet the criteria for the position of Chief Constable. The Panel will ask the candidate a series of questions focusing on professional competence and occupational independence – this part of the meeting is open to the public.

Further details about the meeting, the recruitment process and the Commissioner’s recommended candidate can be found here.

Review of Victims’ Services – report now published!

In June this year, I published a post inviting people’s views on existing support services for victims of crime.  The Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel had set up a small Task and Finish Group to undertake an extensive review of victim support services in the county and to evaluate the extent of victims’ needs and expectations being met by existing provision in Warwickshire.

The Group members gathered and received evidence from a wide range of sources, including local representatives of support services and victims of crime. As a result, 19 evidence-based recommendations have been identified to address a number of thematic issues that relate to the full range of victim support services in Warwickshire. Members believe that the recommendations will help to place victims at the heart of both the voluntary and criminal justice sector and bring greater sustainability to the array of voluntary organisations, who contribute significantly to the recovery of victims of crime in Warwickshire.

A copy of the report and recommendations is available here. Victims front page

The Task and Finish Group will present its report to the Police and Crime Panel on 21st November (click here to access meeting details and the agenda). Following this, the report and recommendations will be submitted to the Police and Crime Commissioner, who is now responsible for the delivery of victim support service.

The Task and Finish Group would like to pay tribute to the commitment of Warwickshire’s existing victims’ support services, volunteers and support staff and express it gratitude to those representatives and victims of crime who gave up their time to contribute to this review.

Police and Crime Panel – 21 November

There are a number of sensitive but extremely important issues scheduled for discussion at the next meeting of the Police and Crime Panel on 21st November.

Child Sexual Exploitation

The Commissioner has been asked to provide a verbal report regarding Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). The Panel will be looking for assurances from the Commissioner about how the threat of CSE is being addressed in Warwickshire, with a particular focus on his partnership working arrangements with Warwickshire County Council regarding vulnerable children and the role of the Warwickshire Police in tackling and investigating CSE. The spotlight is now on local authorities, the police and Commissioners following the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham (1997-2013) by Alexis Jay OBE, which highlighted the failure of key partners to protect vulnerable children and victims in Rotherham.

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

The Panel has expressed concerns previously regarding the reported low ‘conversion rate’ (i.e. the number of reported crimes that result in a prosecution) for cases of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence. The Panel will receive a report from Warwickshire Police which will outline how the force and the Commissioner will address this issue.

Cyber, Rural and Business Crime

In his Police and Crime Plan 2013-17, the Commissioner has prioritised funding to address these three types of crime and an update on recent activity will be shared with the Panel.

Get Involved

The meeting starts at 11am in the Council Chamber at Stratford-upon-Avon District Council and is open to the public (click here for the agenda and reports). If you wish to ask either the Commissioner or the Panel a question at the meeting, please visit here for further information.

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