Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel Annual Report 2014/15

The second Annual Report of the Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel has been published and is available here.

Since 2013/14, the Panel has overcome the initial challenges of being a new body in a new world and has become increasingly confident in its role. The Panel has pro-actively identified where it can add value to policing strategy and priorities in Warwickshire, in addition to fulfilling its statutory obligation to hold the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner – Mr Ron Ball – to account.

This report outlines the Panel’s key activities and achievements throughout the year and the positive work undertaken by a number of sub-groups that have been established by the Panel to effectively contribute to the Commissioner’s policies and core areas of work.

The Annual Report will be considered at Annual Council on 19 May – this meeting is open to the public and details are available here.


Get Involved

 Meetings of the Police and Crime Panel are open to the public and allow for questions to be asked. For further details or meetings and how to participate, please visit the dedicated web page here.

Chief Constable Confirmation Hearing

On Friday 19 December, the Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel has the important task of considering the proposed candidate for the position of Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police.

After a rigorous recruitment process, the Police and Crime Commissioner has recommended a candidate to the position, which has to be approved by the Panel, at what is known as a ‘Confirmation Hearing’. This is a statutory duty for the Panel to fulfil and members will be looking for the candidate to demonstrate how they meet the criteria for the position of Chief Constable. The Panel will ask the candidate a series of questions focusing on professional competence and occupational independence – this part of the meeting is open to the public.

Further details about the meeting, the recruitment process and the Commissioner’s recommended candidate can be found here.

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