Scrutiny Annual Report – 2011/12

You don’t need a magnifying glass to carry out effective scrutiny, but it helps.

We’ve just published our “Scrutiny Annual Report” for 2011-12, which will be discussed at our next full Council meeting on 15th May (more about this next week). Thought you would like a read, and also to find out more about Scrutiny at Warwickshire.

The report brings together all the pieces of scrutiny we’ve done over the past year, including in-depth reviews of Council and local health services, the performance of individual departments and the wider transformation of services. Hopefully, it gives an overall picture of the puzzle.

Sorry, what’s scrutiny again…?

Rather than me re-inventing the wheel, social media bloggers podnosh explain scrutiny nicely. The Centre for Public Scrutiny also do a good job (well, they would).

But in summary, scrutiny is one of the building blocks of local democracy. It holds local leaders to account for the decisions they make, challenges performance and makes suggestions for improvement.

Councillors are currently considering what they want to scrutinise over the next 12 months, and we’ve recently blogged  about how you can get involved. Click the link or leave us a comment below.

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