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Why Should I Vote?

By voting on May 4th 2017, you get to have a say about what goes on in Warwickshire, who makes decisions on your behalf and who will represent your views throughout the County.

Councillors are elected to represent local residents – and you can vote for the person who you think will represent you the best.

Every vote counts so if you don’t vote then the person you want will have less chance of getting elected.  Someone will be elected whether you vote or not.  By registering to vote you can give your voice to the process.

How do I vote?

You’ll receive a polling card which will tell you where to go on Election Day. Take the card along to your polling station any time between 7am -10pm to cast your vote.


If you don’t register, you can’t vote.

If you’re not yet registered to vote go to  and fill in your details.

Make sure you do this before 5pm on Thursday 13th April 2017


If you don’t register then you won’t be able to vote 


What does a Councillor Do?

We recently asked if residents understood the role of a councillor; so we have put together some brief information about councillors.

In May 2017 you will have the opportunity to vote for new County Councillors who are responsible for services across the whole county, like:

– education
– transport
– planning
– fire and public safety
– social care
– libraries
– waste management
– trading standards

County Councillors have a very important role, playing a key role in how things are done in Warwickshire. The five main areas are listed below –

1) They represent their local community
2) They are involved in the decision making process
3) They develop and review Council policies
4) They scrutinise Council decisions
5) They take part in community leadership and engagement

If you would like more information please contact Democratic Services via our twitter account or email



Review of Victims’ Services

Have you been a victim of crime, or know someone who has?

Do you work with and provide support services to victims of crime?

The Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel has set up a dedicated group to review existing support services for victims of crime, which will focus specifically on the successes and gaps in supporting victims and provide an assessment of local need. A key part of the review is to listen to the views of the people who have first-hand experience of those support services – either the victims of crime, or those that support them.

This is a crucial piece of work that will help the Police and Crime Commissioner in his ongoing work to commission victim services in the future and it is important that those services reflect victim needs and priorities. National research of best practice support to victims demonstrates that it should:

  • Be equally accessible across the county;
  • Have an approach that puts the needs of the victim at the heart of the system;
  • Be multi-agency, where appropriate;
  • Provide support to victims of anti-social behaviour and hate crime;
  • Have consistent, specialised provision for victims of domestic and sexual violence; and
  • Provide specialised support for children and young people. (‘Listening and learning: Improving support for victims in Warwickshire’, VSA project)

If you wish to share your experiences and views, or make suggestions about how existing services could be improved, please contact the Panel by 25 July using the contact details below:

Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel
Warwickshire County Council
PO Box 9, Shire Hall
Warwick, CV34 4RR

Tel: (01926) 413747

For more information on the role and responsibilities of the Police and Crime Panel, please visit:

Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report 2013/14 – now published!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just published our Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report for 2013/14.

The report brings together all the major pieces of scrutiny we’ve done over the past year, including in-depth reviews of Council and local health services, the performance of individual departments, and the ongoing improvement of services.

These are summarised as ‘Key Outcomes’ which provides a snapshot of each Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s key achievements over the past 12 months. The report is available here: Annual Report 2013/14

Thank you to all of the members, officers, partners and members of the public who have contributed to and participated in Overview and Scrutiny during the year.

O&S Report front page

The Annual Report will be considered at Annual Council on 20 May – this meeting is open to the public and details are available here.

Get Involved

Councillors are about to start discussing ideas about what key topics and issues should be scrutinised over the next 12 months. If you have any suggestions, please either leave us a comment below or email us at

Greater public involvement in Overview and Scrutiny

networkingScrutiny Members have made a commitment to increasing communication with and actively involving the public in the work that they do. Members have agreed to adopt a Toolkit which will introduce a planned and structured approach to public engagement, ensuring that the community has a greater opportunity to shape and influence the work of scrutiny.

As the overall purpose of scrutiny is to improve services for the public, it’s essential that both individuals and groups can have their say when Council services and policies are reviewed. At the start of each piece of scrutiny work, we will be working closely with the Localities teams to target communication to the relevant community and special interest groups, as well as maximising the use of social and local media in order to raise awareness and encourage wider participation.

This new way of working will see scrutiny activities being taken out of Shire Hall and into the community in order to listen to people on their own patch, such as at local community centres, schools and church halls. The Toolkit also encourages the use of alternative engagement methods which will encourage greater participation and ensure that everyone involved has the chance to have their say.

A copy of the Toolkit is available here.

If you have any queries, please contact Georgina Atkinson, Democratic Services Team Leader at or (01926) 412144.

Children’s Centre Report to Cabinet

Report of the Children’s Centres Select Committee


The Children’s Centres Select Committee will be reporting it’s findings and recommendations to Cabinet on 12 September 2013.

The Select Committee was set up in response to the proposed changes to Children’s Centres across the county, which were subject to an open consultation exercise which closed on 27th August 2013.

The  Committee met on 14th August to undertake a focused, in-depth analysis of the proposals in the consultation document and examine the possible implications on parents and children. Part of this included a full morning question and answer session, during which over 50 Centre managers, staff and parents presented their views to the Committee. These included emotional case studies and personal experiences, which emphasised the value of Children’s Centres in providing individual support to families in a safe environment, building parents’ confidence and assisting with the early identification of issues, such as a child’s behaviour or health. The Committee also considered evidence from health partners which focused on the  importance of an integrated universal service with the Health Visiting scheme.

Response to Early Years Children’s Centre Consultation

A copy of the Committee’s response to the consultation and nine recommendations, which will be presented to Cabinet on 12th September, can be found here: Select Committee Report

It’s Thursday 2nd May – Vote today in the County Council Elections!

Morning folks. It’s an early start for all of the elections staff working in the County Council elections!

Polling stations will be open today all over the county, and you will have received a polling card through the post telling you where to vote.

Polling stations will be open from 7am -10pm – so there’s plenty of time to cast your vote. Just don’t forget!


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