Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 16th September

In addition to the Committee’s standing items on the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and questions to the Portfolio holders, this varied agenda comprises items on Fire, Safer Routes to Schools, Bus Fares, as well as the periodic performance report.


Fire & Rescue Service – Operational Implications of the Budget

Communities OSC will consider the report going to Council later this month, on the operational implications of the budget for the Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service. This will give its members the chance make suggestions and recommendations to the subsequent Cabinet and Council meetings.


Safer Routes to Schools

A task and finish group (TFG) on Safer Routes to Schools and 20 mph initiatives has recently been completed. The TFG has submitted its report and recommendations for approval by the Committee and referral on to Cabinet.


Bus Fares

Following a decision at Council, a report about bus fares will be provided to this meeting. This looks at the legislative background, the role of the County Council in relation to bus services, the setting of bus fares, competition and the provision of new services. Other aspects are availability of fares data and concessionary travel.

How bus services cuts have affected local communities

Have you been left waiting?

Councillors have just begun a scrutiny review of the impact that bus service cuts have had on local communities. The review aims to find the places in the County that have been hardest hit and find ways to improve their services.

Councillors have highlighted this issue because it affects so many people and impacts on all kinds of other areas like jobs, education, health, and leisure. The Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee recently hosted a meeting for people to talk about transport problems; some of the major issues that we picked up were:

  • Working people not being able to get to shift jobs on time
  • Young people not being able to get home from night-time jobs at pubs or restaurants
  • Older people who couldn’t get to their local hospital or doctor’s surgery
The review will run from now through to September, with Councillors reporting their findings at the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting on 19 September. For scrutiny that is quite a short review for a major topic but it means the review can feed into the Council’s budget setting process for next year.

If you’re a bus user then tell us about your experiences – are the services in your area regular enough? Are you able to access work, your doctor’s practice, the local hospital, shopping facilities etc.? The more responses we have the better.

You can get in touch by emailing me at or leaving a comment below.

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