Adult Social Care and Health OSC – 13 September

The next meeting of Warwickshire’s Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee takes place on Wednesday this week in Shire Hall, Warwick, starting at 11am.

There are two key areas being discussed at this meeting, the first being an update on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). The CAMHS Service has undergone a competitive dialogue tender process for a single, redesigned, children and young people’s emotional well-being and mental health service.  You can read the update here.

The other key area this time is Dementia Awareness. In Warwickshire, there are estimated to be approximately 7,500 people living with dementia and this is likely to rise to over 11,000 people in the next ten years. Most of us will be affected in some way by dementia during our lifetime.

Raising awareness of dementia, creating dementia friendly communities and supporting people to live well with dementia are key aims of Warwickshire’s Living Well with Dementia Strategy (2016-2019).

A presentation will be made to detail some of the key achievements to date and to outline priorities for future work.

The scrutiny meetings are streamed live, so you may want to view the presentation. If so the link will be posted here.

Police and Crime Panel – 14 September 2017

Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Panel, which is responsible for reviewing and scrutinising the actions of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), is due to meet on 14 September in Nuneaton to consider a broad ranging agenda.

The Panel are expecting to be updated on the Police Force’s approach to managing staff and officer wellbeing and details about the PCCs approach to victim vulnerability. The Panel will also consider an update from their Performance Working Group which recently undertook a review of the PCC’s progress against his Police and Crime Plan.

The  meeting of the Panel is at 11am on 14 September 2017 at Nuneaton Town Hall. As always, members of the public are invited to attend the meeting to observe, and contribute to the meeting where three working days notice is received.

Please get in touch with Stefan Robinson, Senior Democratic Services Officer, for more information., 01926 4128079P


Resources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 13 September 2017

The next meeting of the Resources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee is being held at 2pm on Wednesday 13 September 2017 (Shire Hall)

The Agenda and Papers have now been published and can be accessed via this link

The reports being presented to the committee include-

  1. Performance Report for Year end (16/17 and Quarter One (17/18)
  2. Fire Service – Her Majesty’s Inspectorate and wider reform programme
  3. Property Rationalisation Programme
  4. Progress on the Digital First Programme

Members of the Public are welcome to attend this meeting.  If you have any questions or queries please contact Helen Barnsley (Democratic Services Officer) via email


Health and Wellbeing Board – 6 September 2017

The next Health and Wellbeing Board takes place on Wednesday at the County Council’s Shire Hall in Warwick from 1.30pm. The agenda for this meeting includes the following items:

Substantive items

  1. Director of Public Health Annual Report 2017Report and presentation Capture
  2. Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) Annual Report and Delivery PlanFinal version of the HWBB Annual Report 2016/17 and Delivery Plan 2017/18 for approval Capture2
  3. Health and Wellbeing Performance Measures – Summary of measures related to HWB Strategy and development of revised scorecard 
  4. Draft Commissioning Intentions 2018/19 – Report and presentations
    • Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
    • Coventry & Rugby CCG
    • South Warwickshire CCG
    • County Council Commissioning Intentions (Adult Social Care and Public Health)
  1. (3.00 – 3.20) Better Together Submission – Formal submission of Warwickshire Better Together Programme 
  2. (3.20 – 3.30) Memorandum of Understanding – A Memorandum of Understanding setting out the relationship between Children’s Safeguarding Board and the Health and Wellbeing Board 

Updates to the Board 

  1.  2017/18 Health and Wellbeing Board Delivery Plan / Executive Team Report 
  2. Better Health, Better Care, Better Value (STP programme) update
  3. Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
  1.  JSNA Profiling toolThe Board will receive a short demonstration of the Profiling Tool that has been developed as part of the JSNA. As described at the previous meeting of the Board, the Profiling Tool is the first in a series of outputs that will provide partners with a common evidence base for understanding place-based service needs.

Communities Committee – 12 September

Warwickshire County Council’s Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee is due to consider the outcome of the Air Quality review that was undertaken in 2016/17. There have been many successes since the recommendations were adopted, and it is clear that residents and council partners want cleaner air and improved sustainable transport options.

The update report is due to be considered at a meeting of the Committee at 2pm on 12 September 2017, Shire Hall, Warwick.  Other issue on the agenda include the Committee’s Work Programme, an Economic Development Update, and information on the performance of council services.


As always, members of the public are invited to attend the meeting to observe, and contribute to the meeting where three days notice is received.

Please get in touch with Stefan Robinson, Senior Democratic Services Officer, for more information., 01926 4128079AQ Capture

Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee 27th July 2017

The Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee will convene at 11.00 on 27th July 2017 in the Council Chamber, Shire Hall, Warwick for its second meeting of the 2017-18 municipal year.

This meeting will focus on a single agenda item in relation to the Council’s 0-5 Programme.

This additional Committee meeting has been arranged so that members are able to evaluate all information relating to the active 0-5 Redesign consultation.

A further meeting will be held in September where the Committee will be considering all of the consultation responses.

If any member(s) of the public wish to speak at this meeting (resident or working in Warwickshire) on any matter within the remit of the Committee, then please contact Ben Patel-Sadler – at least two working days before the meeting takes place.

Similarly if there are any queries with regards to the remit and work of the Committee then please do not hesitate to make contact.

Member Development Session – Warwickshire Fire & Rescue

On 4 July 2017 members were invited to Rugby Fire Station as part of the induction programme; which has been developed to ensure that members have the skills and knowledge required to be effective in their role.

The itinerary included welcome and introductions from the Portfolio Holder for Fire & Community Safety, Councillor Howard Roberts and Chief Fire Officer Andy Hickmott. There were presentations from Deputy Chief Fire Officer Rob Moyney and Programme Manager Ade Mallaban – which introduced members to the Fire Service, their responsibilities and priorities as well as the overall vision for staff.

Members were then given the chance to see some of the equipment used by firefighters including heavy duty cutters for road traffic collisions and boats for water rescues. There was also a demonstration by the Animal Rescue Team who showcased the equipment and skills they have for large animal rescue call outs.

There was a chance for members to see the wide range of prevention work that the Fire Service does – from visits to schools, home safety advice and arson prevention, to the work done with bikers and university students.

This event was well received by the members and gave a valuable insight into the various roles that Warwickshire fire and Rescue provide for our local communities


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