Police and Crime Panel Budget Meeting – 1 February 2018

Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Panel, which is responsible for reviewing and scrutinising the Police and Crime Commissioner’s council tax proposal, is due to meet on 1 February at Shire Hall, Warwick.  The focus of the meeting will be to consider the PCC’s proposal for increasing the Police element of the council tax by 6.25%. This equates to £12 increace for a Band D property.


The Panel has the power to veto the PCC’s proposal by a 2/3 majority if they believe the proposal is too high or too low.  A decision on whether to veto the precept or not will be made at the 1 February meeting, which welcomes public attendance.

The  meeting is due to start at 10:30am. As always, members of the public are invited to attend the meeting to observe, and contribute to the meeting where three working days notice is received.

Please get in touch with Stefan Robinson, Senior Democratic Services Officer, for more information.

stefanrobinson@warwickshire.gov.uk, 01926 4128079

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