Health and Wellbeing Update

The next meeting of Warwickshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board takes place on 8th July. This will be an important meeting, with the Board considering the outcome of its governance review and proposals for its future operation. The Board will be asked to determine the form of governance, principles of working, its sub-structure and an action plan to address the remaining recommendations from the earlier LGA Peer Challenge.

The Director of Public Health’s Annual Report will be presented. The theme of this year’s annual report is children and young people.  It includes a focus on early years, education, mental health, healthy weight, risky behaviours and vulnerable groups.


The Board will consider the Joint Adult Health & Social Care Self-Assessment Framework and the implementation of the associated Improvement Plan. This self-assessment has helped to improve services for people with a learning disability and the joint assessment has three overarching themes – Stay Healthy, Be Safe and Live Well.

Warwickshire’s three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will report on their 2015/16 Quality Premiums. The Quality Premium is intended to reward CCGs for improvements in the quality of the services they commission and for associated improvements in health outcomes and reducing inequalities. The premium is based on measures that cover a combination of national and local priorities.

Further details about the meeting and reports for each item are available via this Link

About Paul Spencer
I'm a Senior Democratic Services Officer at Warwickshire County Council.

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