Police and Crime Panel – 26 June

Reviewing the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner

At its next meeting on Friday 26 June, the Police and Crime Panel has an important role in reviewing the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner – Ron Ball – over the past 12 months. The Panel will examine and question the Commissioner in respect of his Annual Report 2014/15, which outlines his activities and achievements throughout the year including the development of the Strategic Alliance with West Mercia, progress against his Police and Crime Plan and management of the policing budget.

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

The Panel has expressed concerns previously regarding the reported low ‘conversion rate’ (i.e. the number of reported crimes that result in a prosecution) for cases of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence. The Panel received a report from Warwickshire Police in November 2014 which outlined the work that had been undertaken to improve conversation rates. The Panel is to receive a further report at this meeting and will be seeking assurances that further improvements have been achieved.

Police and Crime Panel Annual Report 2014/15

The Panel will formally approve its Annual Report 2014/15 which outlines the Panel’s key activities and achievements throughout the year and the positive work undertaken by a number of sub-groups that have been established by the Panel to effectively contribute to the Commissioner’s policies and core areas of work.

Get Involved

The meeting starts at 10am in the Council Chamber at Rugby Borough Council and is open to the public (click here for the agenda and reports). If you wish to ask either the Commissioner or the Panel a question at the meeting, please visit here for further information.

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