Overview & Scrutiny Annual Report 2014/15

The Annual Report for the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny function has been published and is available here.

The report provides a snapshot of the positive work that each of the four Overview and Scrutiny Committees have achieved throughout the year. As well as providing a ‘check and balance’ for decisions taken by the Cabinet, the Committees have a vital role in helping the Council to achieve its corporate ambitions and goals.

Through the review and appraisal of services throughout the year, the Committees have been able to identify potential areas for improving and strengthening Council policies and procedures in order to deliver positive outcomes for the public. These are summarised as ‘Key Outcomes’ which provides a snapshot of each Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s key achievements over the past 12 months.


Some of the key achievements to highlight include:

  • The work of the five Quality Accounts Task and Finish Groups which focus on patient experience of quality in hospital and mental health services. This work has been acknowledged by the NHS Trusts as being a valuable exercise and has been identified both regionally and nationally as good practice. Clear improvements to patient care have been delivered as a result of the members’ recommendations.
  • A Task and Finish Group review took place of Safer Routes to Schools and 20mph Safety Initiatives. The Group established criteria to determine where funding would be allocated, to improve the safety of children both travelling to school and in the immediate vicinity of schools. The resultant report was approved with minor modifications by the Cabinet.
  • A detailed review of a child’s transition between different stages and level of mental health services, with a specific focus on the challenges and pressures that the interim stages place on both the child and their parents or carers. By engaging directly with young people, and involving a range of stakeholders and youth groups, the review identified a series of recommendations for commissioners, providers, Cabinet and the Health and Wellbeing Board to consider, as well as feeding into the ongoing service redesign which has been running parallel to this piece of work.
  • The review of the County Council’s school admission arrangements and whether the introduction of Super Priority Areas could address the issue of sibling displacement. A detailed review of the principle and feasibility of establishing priority areas across urban areas was undertaken and a number of recommendations directed the Cabinet’s future policy direction in respect of this issue.

Thank you to all of the members, officers, partners and members of the public who have contributed to and participated in Overview and Scrutiny during the year.

The Annual Report will be considered at Annual Council on 19 May – this meeting is open to the public and details are available here.

Get Involved

Councillors are about to start discussing ideas about what key topics and issues should be scrutinised over the next 12 months. If you have any suggestions, please either leave us a comment below or email us at democraticservices@warwickshire.gov.uk

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