Police and Crime Panel – 24 April

Performance and service delivery will be a key focus for the Panel at the next meeting. First on the agenda will be a review of how the Commissioner has responded to a number of key issues and recommendations that were highlighted in the HMIC Crime Data Integrity report. Published in November, the report found that Warwickshire Police had recorded only 82 per cent of crimes in 2012/13; although this was average performance when compared nationally, a detailed plan had been drafted to improve the accuracy of crime recording. The Panel will be reviewing what improvements have been delivered.

There will be a report on the current performance of the Drug and Alcohol Support Services. The Commissioner has made it one of his priorities within the Police and Crime Plan to support Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) and agencies tackling alcohol and drug misuse which contributes to anti-social and criminal behaviour including domestic abuse. The Panel will be reviewing the Commissioner’s funding streams to support this area of work and what action he is taking to improve and influence the the performance of the Drug Intervention Programme.

The Panel will also review:

  • The Commissioner’s response to the 19 recommendations which the Panel submitted in November regarding the future of victim support services in Warwickshire, following the comprehensive review by the Victims’ Services Task and Finish Group.
  • An update on the latest position in terms of understanding Cyber Crime in Warwickshire and the expenditure of prioritised funding. The Panel has also requested data on cyber bullying and ‘sexting’.

Get Involved

The meeting starts at 10am in the Council Chamber at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council and is open to the public (click here for the agenda and reports). If you wish to ask either the Commissioner or the Panel a question at the meeting, please visit here for further information.

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