Health and Wellbeing Board

Warwickshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board holds its next meeting on 21st January. This meeting is taking place during the week of a Local Government Association (LGA) Peer challenge into the Health and Wellbeing arrangements of the County. A team of seven peers from the LGA are spending four days with us, talking to partners, stakeholders, staff and users of local services. The overall aim is to review how well we are working collectively to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for residents.The feedback from this process will be reported to a subsequent Board meeting.

Items for the January Board include:
  • Warwickshire Safeguarding Children’s Board (WSCB) –  David Peplow, the Independent Chair will present the WSCB  Annual Report for 2013-14.
  • Warwickshire Data Sharing Protocol – A data sharing protocol for the County has been developed, which clinical commissioning groups, the County Council and acute trusts have signed up to. The importance of information and data sharing, to facilitate the improvement of services has been highlighted in the new Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Priority Families Update & Outcomes Plan – This report updates on phase one of the Priority Families Programme and seeks the Board’s input to the second phase, in particular to the draft Priority Families Outcomes Plan.
  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Review – The Board will consider the Warwickshire JSNA Review, the supporting Quality of Life in Warwickshire Report 2015 and the key health and wellbeing issues outlined in this review.
  • Health and Wellbeing Strategy (HWBS) – updates will be provided by district and borough representatives on how the HWBS is being implemented by their authorities.

Further topics for this meeting are the Better Care Fund, with an update from clinical commissioning groups and winter pressures.

You can find out more about the Health and Wellbeing Board through its newsletter: Link

About Paul Spencer
I'm a Senior Democratic Services Officer at Warwickshire County Council.

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