Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 5th November

The key focus for the next meeting is the Adult and Community Learning Service. The Committee looked at this topic in March 2014, highlighting concerns about the potential for Government funding through the Adult Skills Budget, to be clawed back. The update will explain the measures put in place to address this, together with:

  • The progress towards a partnership, to share service expertise across Warwickshire and Coventry
  • Meeting the external funding targets in the Adult Skills Budget and
  • Developments in Adult Community Learning.

The Committee also has a performance monitoring role and will scrutinise the first quarter data for the County Council’s One Organisational Plan. There will be the regular update on the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and questions to Cabinet members on their planned decisions over the coming months.

Finally,  the consultation plan for voluntary sector support services (localities and partnerships) will be aired. This follows a recent Portfolio Holder decision and gives the Scrutiny Committee chance to learn more about the  proposals.

About Paul Spencer
I'm a Senior Democratic Services Officer at Warwickshire County Council.

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