Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 16th September

In addition to the Committee’s standing items on the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and questions to the Portfolio holders, this varied agenda comprises items on Fire, Safer Routes to Schools, Bus Fares, as well as the periodic performance report.


Fire & Rescue Service – Operational Implications of the Budget

Communities OSC will consider the report going to Council later this month, on the operational implications of the budget for the Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service. This will give its members the chance make suggestions and recommendations to the subsequent Cabinet and Council meetings.


Safer Routes to Schools

A task and finish group (TFG) on Safer Routes to Schools and 20 mph initiatives has recently been completed. The TFG has submitted its report and recommendations for approval by the Committee and referral on to Cabinet.


Bus Fares

Following a decision at Council, a report about bus fares will be provided to this meeting. This looks at the legislative background, the role of the County Council in relation to bus services, the setting of bus fares, competition and the provision of new services. Other aspects are availability of fares data and concessionary travel.

About Paul Spencer
I'm a Senior Democratic Services Officer at Warwickshire County Council.

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