Overview and Scrutiny Work Programming Event – Update

Our Overview and Scrutiny work programming event took place on 30th July. The event went really well, with contributions from 29 members of all parties, including 3 of our co-opted members and 10 senior officers of the Authority, including the Corporate Board.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed, particularly the scrutiny members and the 7 Cabinet members for making it a success and appreciate the positive feedback we’ve received. The scrutiny café worked well with cross party discussion of the key topics we need to focus on in the scrutiny committees.


Discussion during the Scrutiny Café

So where are we now and what happens next? The suggestions we received on the day and those from the wide external consultation will be aligned to each committee, with cross cutting areas considered for joint scrutiny work, where appropriate. We’ll also look at the priorities identified on the day.


The next stage will be for the scrutiny chairs and the party spokespeople to consider their list of proposed topics alongside their existing work programmes for the year ahead.

About Paul Spencer
I'm a Senior Democratic Services Officer at Warwickshire County Council.

One Response to Overview and Scrutiny Work Programming Event – Update

  1. Hello Diane.

    Yes, this approach is a really useful mechanism for engaging the elected members and senior officers, in shaping the work programme for scrutiny. Would you like to ring me to discuss in more detail? If so, my telephone no. is 01926 418615

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