Cabinet 1.45pm – 22nd July 2014

Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet will meet at Northgate House, Warwick at 1.45pm on Tuesday 22nd July. Councillors will be making decisions on a range of matters including:

  • Schools Capital Programme
  • Additional School Places
  • Year End Organisational Health Report
  • Youth Justice and Family Intervention Service Strategy
  • Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme
  • Priority Families Programme
  • Economic Growth
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Director of Public Health Annual Report
  • Disposal of Bath Place (Exempt)

Members of the public are invited to the meeting. All business with the exception of any exempt items is conducted in public.

2 Responses to Cabinet 1.45pm – 22nd July 2014

  1. Sandra Grafton says:

    Why is the discussion of the disposal of Bath Place not public?

    • Paul Williams says:

      Hi Sandra. It’s because the report contains information of a commercially sensitive nature. If the report was public there is a possibility that the information contained in it could be used by certain parties for financial gain.

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