Greater public involvement in Overview and Scrutiny

networkingScrutiny Members have made a commitment to increasing communication with and actively involving the public in the work that they do. Members have agreed to adopt a Toolkit which will introduce a planned and structured approach to public engagement, ensuring that the community has a greater opportunity to shape and influence the work of scrutiny.

As the overall purpose of scrutiny is to improve services for the public, it’s essential that both individuals and groups can have their say when Council services and policies are reviewed. At the start of each piece of scrutiny work, we will be working closely with the Localities teams to target communication to the relevant community and special interest groups, as well as maximising the use of social and local media in order to raise awareness and encourage wider participation.

This new way of working will see scrutiny activities being taken out of Shire Hall and into the community in order to listen to people on their own patch, such as at local community centres, schools and church halls. The Toolkit also encourages the use of alternative engagement methods which will encourage greater participation and ensure that everyone involved has the chance to have their say.

A copy of the Toolkit is available here.

If you have any queries, please contact Georgina Atkinson, Democratic Services Team Leader at or (01926) 412144.

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