Scrutiny Annual Report for 2012/13

We’ve just published our Scrutiny Annual Report for 2012-13.

The report brings together all the major pieces of scrutiny we’ve done over the past year, including in-depth reviews of Council and local health services, the performance of individual departments, and the ongoing improvement of services.

Read the report here: Scrutiny Annual Report 2012-13

Scrutiny Annual Report

Scrutiny primer

I’m a little conscious of banging on about what scrutiny is all the time on this blog so here’s a quick run-down for those who don’t know:

  • In summary, scrutiny is one of the building blocks of local democracy. It holds local leaders to account for the decisions they make, challenges performance, and makes suggestions to improve services.
  • The Centre for Public Scrutiny have a nice introduction here:
  • And we’ve done an introduction to our own work here:

Get Involved

Councillors are currently considering what they want to scrutinise over the next 12 months. If you want to get involved and send us your ideas, either leave us a comment below or email us at

About Dave Abbott
I work for Warwickshire County Council - supporting the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Regulatory Committee, the Pension Fund Investment Board, and various task and finish groups.

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