First-time Voter?

Here at Warksdemocracy we’re always keen to get more young people interested in local democracy, and playing an active role in their local community. We’ve blogged before about the great work that the Warwickshire VOX and MYPs do to encourage young people to take part in local democracy.

We want to encourage young people to use their vote in the County Council elections on 2nd May, and have thier say on what goes on in the County.


To do this, we’ve sent out postcards to every first-time voter in Warwickshire (that is anyone who is registered to vote, and has turned 18 recently) to remind people about the importance of using their vote, and the opportunity to pick the candidate who they think will best represent them.

So – if you’ll be voting for the first time in May, keep a look out for some info from us. In the meantime, if you want to give us a call or drop us an email then feel free. At the least, you should all go and follow us on twitter, right now.

About Martyn Harris
I work for Warwickshire County Council as a Democratic Services Officer. What's that? Minute taker, researcher, advisor, general policy-type person. Throw in a healthy does of Scrutiny work and an interest in corporate governance and there you go.

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