Want to vote? Get registered!

Voter registration form

We’re holding our County Council elections on 2nd May this year. This is when local residents get the chance to elect their County Councillor for the next four years.

Great!  But if you haven’t registered, you won’t be able to vote… and you’ll lose your voice.

You should have had a registration letter through the door, or a visit from the Council in October last year. If you missed this, you might not be on the electoral register.

But don’t worry; it’s not too late to get registered. Just go to www.aboutmyvote.co.uk and fill in your details. Make sure you do this before 5pm on Wednesday 17th April.

Why should I vote?

By voting on 2nd May, you get to have a say about what goes on in Warwickshire, who makes decisions on your behalf and who will represent your views throughout the County.

Councillors are elected to represent local residents – and you can vote for the person who you think will represent you the best.

Every vote counts. So if you don’t use it, the person you want will have less chance of getting elected.

How do I vote?

You’ll receive a polling card at the end of April, which will tell you where to go on election day. Take the card along to your polling station any time between 7am -10pm to cast your vote.

So – if you’re not yet registered to vote – go to www.aboutmyvote.co.uk, and fill in your details. Then make sure you vote in the County Council elections on 2nd May.

About Martyn Harris
I work for Warwickshire County Council as a Democratic Services Officer. What's that? Minute taker, researcher, advisor, general policy-type person. Throw in a healthy does of Scrutiny work and an interest in corporate governance and there you go.

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