Warwickshire Scrutiny on YouTube

Something a bit different from this week’s Communities Overview and Scrutiny meeting – Councillor John Whitehouse, the Chair of the Committee was filmed by one of our Communications team (just on an iPod touch – no expensive specialist equipment necessary these days!) talking about the issues that were looked at by Councillors in the meeting.

We’ll be posting these short video summaries following most of our Scrutiny Committees from now on to give people a bit of an idea of the kind of work that goes on in these meetings. As a team we’re very aware that a lot of this kind of stuff is somewhat of a mystery to a lot of people out there but we’re trying to change that.

If you like the idea or have some suggested improvements – just let us know by leaving a comment below.

About Dave Abbott
I work for Warwickshire County Council - supporting the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Regulatory Committee, the Pension Fund Investment Board, and various task and finish groups.

4 Responses to Warwickshire Scrutiny on YouTube

  1. Tim Naylor says:

    “No special equipment necessary these days”, you say but that doesn’t excuse poor lighting unsteady camera and iffy sound. I understand and support the need to present council and informaon in new ways but as a public body I’d like us to do it as professionally as possible. Just because much of the traffic (?) on social media is amateur that’s no reason for us to set low standards.
    Tim naylor

    • Dave Abbott says:

      Well we could argue about the necessary level of video and audio quality but I think for the format it’s just about right. Why spend money on better equipment when we do it like this for free? Anyway, it’s the content that’s important and I think Councillor Whitehouse gave a good first performance.

  2. Rich says:

    I agree, Dave, that the format is aimed about right but Cllr Naylor’s observations are fair and have been noted. As the cameraman with the ‘unsteady’ hand, it’s probably best that I say this. I have learnt a few lessons for the next time and I would hope, as with all things as we evolve with social media, that my next go will be a bit better than this one and that, more importantly, it conveys a similarly succint message of what was discussed in the meeting.

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