Improving Council services – have your say

The County Council provides a wide range of services for local residents, funded in part by your Council Tax. These cover social care, children’s services, roads and infrastructure, waste disposal, and fire and rescue.

Are these services working?

Could they be improved?

Are there hidden problems that need to be explored?

Most Council decisions are taken by the Cabinet, which is made up of 10 county councillors from the Conservative group. However, there are many other councillors, from across the political parties, whose role is to hold the Cabinet to account on those decisions.

This is done via something called “Overview & Scrutiny”. Councillors choose specific topics to examine and scrutinise in detail, and then try to form clear recommendations about how to improve them. The focus is on better outcomes for residents and service users – and it is a key element of the Council’s democratic process.

Councillors will soon be deciding what topics they’ll be looking at over the next 12 months – and they’d like to hear your views*.

What should the Council be scrutinising?

Please email your thoughts by 6 May 2012 to:

*Scrutiny only has the capacity to look at certain issues. However, any requests that Councillors are unable to investigate will be passed on to the relevant Council department.

2 Responses to Improving Council services – have your say

  1. I wonder if it would be helpful to register this on the Consultation Hub as well? Visitors to the County Council website who click on ‘Consultations’ will then also get to see it.

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